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NATURWAGEN (Nature Wagon)

Inspired by the historic atmosphere of the circus and shepherd´s wagons our Nature Wagons are all built newly and individually. These mobile living spaces attract new customer groups ...

NATURLODGES (Nature Lodge)

Ready for occupancy and fully furnished Nature Lodges as POD, TROLL, BUGG are the stars of the current glamping trends. On various trim levels you will find ...


New in our program:
the product group of safari tents, we call Tent Lodges (german: Zeltlodges) due to the special design and high quality. Fully equipped even with shower, kitchen, lounge ...


To stay in nature, breathing the fresh air and smell the typical smell of wood of NATURWAGEN & LODGES, to sit on a wagon´s patio or in front of a tent lodge, wide opened windows, start the day in calm and enjoy the security of our special residential properties.

NATURWAGEN & LODGES offers romantic natural living flair. Whether in a classical circus or shepherd´s wagon in retro design, or in a NATURE LODGE or TENT LODGE.

Ferienunterkünfte bei unserem Premium-Partner TCS

Whether for the own private dream as a mobile holiday home or as a retreat, or for commercial use, for example, for rent on campgrounds, as an office, apartment, conference room, outdoor kindergarten ... - with flexible NATURWAGEN & LODGES you will find the best solution.

Grundrisse und Einrichtungsbeispiele
Floor plans, organization

You may know the question: where will be the best place for dining and where to put the sofa, how do i make the most of the available space? Here you will find some floor plans for fresh ideas

Mietstandorte finden
Where to rent?

You are thinking about a vacation in a NATURE WAGON, NATURE LODGE or TENT LODGE, or you would like to try one before deciding to buy it? Here you will find a map where you can rent your favorite objects